Sydney, Australia-based Corporate Technology Services (CTS) has long encouraged its employees to study for and achieve AVIXA's Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) designation.

"We’ve had CTS-certified staff here for about seven years," says Managing Director Duncan Lugstein. "It allows us to go to our clients and say we think we have the best people and here is what they've achieved with an international body."

Lugstein first became aware of AVIXA a decade ago when his company was asked to provide equipment for a series of AVIXA Australia training courses. Since then, he has been a member of AVIXA's Australian Education Advisory Group and Australian Membership Advisory Group. He thrives on educating others within the AV industry, especially in a part of the world that he feels has lagged behind on education and standards in pro-AV. "We want to be a company that flies the flag for AVIXA here in Australia," he says.

CTS (the company) provides tailor-made AV managed services to its clients in the corporate, commerce, law, government and auditing worlds. Technicians provide onsite support and run and maintain facilities. The company also provides production services and events, and it has a consulting and design arm for installations.

"Companies choose us for how we onboard and educate our client," says Lugstein. "That starts with education and training in-house, where we focus not only on technical skills, but on soft skills as well."

Recently, Corporate Technology Services committed to increasing its number of CTS-certified staff, which included senior and middle management and consultants as well as technicians. The CTS certification augments the company’s own RISE program, which focuses a little more on soft skills such as leadership, body language and staff expectations.

"We ran study nights and provided soft drinks and pizza, to encourage those participating to stay back after work, study together and buddy up," says Lugstein.

He reports that in general, staff enjoy the learning process and receiving the training and qualification, particularly as there is nothing comparable in Australia colleges or institutes. To incentivize its staff, Corporate Technology Services provides a monetary incentive to those who get the certification. Staff who achieve the certification receive recognition within the company and are celebrated as role models.

"For us as a company, having well-qualified staff shows our clients that we're committed to the highest quality work and customer satisfaction. From a selling point it becomes a double win: for the clients and staff."


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