January 6, 2020

More and more professionals in the AV industry are seeking CTS® certification from AVIXA™, including Leandro Insua, CTS, a Pre-Sales Manager at ICAP GLOBAL Argentina. He also directs several projects in the headquarters in Chile, Colombia, and Spain.

His career began 15 years ago in the IT world, and five years ago he started to focus more on the AV side of IT. He also found the most important thing for his burgeoning career in AV was professional development.

Leandro Insua, CTS | AVIXA Leandro Insua, CTS

“I have taken my professional career very seriously, looking to improve myself in the technologies that I dominate, but being very attentive to world trends,” he says.

CTS was the first step for Leandro to enter the AV world, as he would have an internationally recognized credential that would show his AV knowledge to both his peers, and AV organizations. He viewed earning the certification as both a personal challenge and a validation of the AV knowledge he had aquired.

“Having the CTS certification adds value to me personally and my profession. The skills that I acquired as part of earning the certification allows me to work more efficiently, both saving time and keeping projects on track,” says Leandro.

For AVIXA, seeing the increasing number of AV professionals become CTS-certified has fueled the increasing training options to prepare for the CTS, and continue to provide valuable training, content, and resources.

“Definitely, the association exceeded my expectations. AVIXA has proven to be extremely relevant to the AV industry and AV professional by developing standards and best practices with the collective experience of its members,” he says.

After the experience of earning his credential, Leandro has this piece of advice for those thinking about CTS certification:

“Don’t hesitate and just do it. The CTS certification is the leading, internationally recognized, AV credential with a clear set of standards. It is an accredited certification, which is a great tool to people who want to be part of the AV world.”

Learn more about CTS and ways to prepare for the exam.

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