Todd ClauserEducation Management Solutions (EMS) Project Operations Manager Todd Clauser, CTS®, recently led the charge to get 19 staff members CTS certified — from installers to sales personnel, software developers and members of the IT team. For this Exton, Pennsylvania-based company, which specializes in clinical simulation software for audio and video data capture in healthcare training environments, having CTS-certified staff provides more opportunities and access to a higher echelon of clients.

"Our goal with the training was to elevate our knowledge base in the market. Having more CTS-certified staff provides recognition and allows us to respond to more RFPs," says Clauser. "Seeing the CTS logo in an email and on our website is greatly valued."

The trainings also got all the departments on board with using the same industry guidelines. "AVIXA has a great list of best practices for wire pulls and installation techniques. It was important to get everyone to understand what our goal is and have everything standardized," he says.

The 19 staff members underwent three days of intense onsite training under the tutorship of AVIXA instructor Marcus Yarborough, CTS®-I, who, Clauser says, "did a really good job of tailoring his presentation to what our needs were." Most of the staff took the test after a weekend's study break, and gained their CTS certification.

"My hope is that this will add to the revenue of the business as a sustainable system going forward," he says. "It was a very successful venture for us."

Clauser himself has just scheduled his CTS-I exam, in the hope of leading by example and encouraging others in the company to follow suit. While it's only been a few weeks since the group trainings took place and the bottom-line effect is hard to gauge, he reports that there have been a lot of kudos from within the company and congratulations all round. Understandably so.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Todd who met his goal and earned his CTS-I.

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