December 20, 2018

Every four years, soccer fans congregate at the country that hosts one of this sport’s most important events in the world, and they come prepared to witness the competition, but also expecting to see an impressive technological AV installation, befitting the magnitude of this event.

In 2014, after 64 years of waiting, the FIFA World Cup returned to Brazil and it was AVIXA™ member Reinaldo Pargas – an AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) and leader of AVM Projetos – together with his team, who became responsible for the creation of a remarkable experience, not only for the fans, but also for those working at the stadiums.

Reinaldo Pargas at InfoComm | AVIXA Reinaldo Pargas, CTS®

Reinaldo remembers that his company – established in Rio de Janeiro – was hired by FIFA to oversee the design and installation of all AV technology in the 12 stadiums where the World Cup took place, including telecommunications and IT. This was the first challenge for this project: He had to put together 12 teams, one for each stadium, in the shortest time possible because the installation began at the end of 2012, so they had less than two years to complete the project.

However, Reinaldo says that precisely this challenge resulted in one of their greatest achievements and learnings to share with his colleagues, because “the teamwork and the ability to offer a multidisciplinary view for all implemented technologies” were the aspects that he believes were key for this project’s success, thus creating a memorable experience for both the attendees and “everyone that worked in the event’s organization.”

A Project that Serves Diverse Audiences

The technological assembly in all 12 stadiums had to meet specific requirements for the different needs of the fans, soccer teams, press, and broadcast teams.

An audio system was installed in each stadium to make announcements such as when the teams were entering the court, security communications, referee communication, the reproduction of national anthems and entertainment music, among other uses. The location and volume of the speakers had to be considered so as not to interfere with the narration of sports journalists in their booths. Giant screens for repetition of plays and to display statistical information were also installed, requiring a very low latency and high color accuracy to avoid confusing the soccer players’ shirts, along with a complex switch system that included the Goal-Line Technology authorized by FIFA.

Brazil World Cup Stadium | AVIXA Brazil World Cup Stadium

Likewise, TV transmission systems were installed for broadcasting from more than 30 cameras to offices, halls (including stalls outside the stadium), changing rooms and other areas during each match, as well as statistical data, in addition to wiring management, a key aspect because many media teams bring in and install their own equipment for broadcast.

Also, AV systems were installed for press rooms, spaces for 200 people with dedicated audio and distribution boxes for broadcast, and systems for the IT&T (Information Technology and Telecom) Monitoring Center, including a videowall capable of 24-hour operation for the duration of the tournament.

For Reinaldo, the challenge that this project represented is precisely one of the reasons why he enjoys working in the AV industry, because “the dynamism and the challenges of design and consulting” are what most motivate him.

Brazil World Cup Stadium | AVIXA Brazil World Cup Stadium

This AV professional has a long career in the industry, from his beginnings in the music business, beginning as an assistant in the construction of professional recording studios, to the accompaniment of bands. Later he worked for almost 25 years as technical director in one of the largest Brazilian rental companies, and then decided to learn about AV consulting and design, to finally launch AVM Projetos in 1998. “Since then, we have delivered more than 300 projects for corporate and government customers,” he explains.

In conclusion, Reinaldo’s experience, along with his team’s ability, proved to Brazil and the world the skill, knowledge, and leadership of the Brazilian AV industry for a world-class event, with such a positive result that he says that “the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil was unforgettable for all Brazilians.”

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