June 25, 2019

By David Keene

The First-Ever APEx Company in India forges a path to success in a challenging market landscape


There’s probably no better benchmark for AV industry excellence than AV Provider of Excellence status (APEx) – under the program from the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) that recognizes integration companies and AV design consulting firms dedicated to providing quality service to customers and upholding industry standards on many levels. Achieving APEx status tells the industry – including a company’s customers and potential customers – that they’ve consistently demonstrated the highest level of service quality and technical capability by building a sterling team on both the technical side and the project management and delivery side.

For the AV and AV/IT industry, achieving APEx status sets the “gold standard”. And there’s no better example of that gold standard than the latest company to qualify – and, tellingly, it’s the first company in India to achieve APEx. That company is Aesthetix Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

India is the third-largest pro-AV market in APAC, with very robust GDP growth – combined with the challenges that kind of growth presents. And it’s no coincidence that Aesthetix Technologies stands at the forefront of that dynamic. Because as best practices emerge among the best AV integration companies that need to position their companies for growth and improved profitability in India, Aesthetix, based in Bangalore, has found a sure formula for success. As one of India’s top AV installation companies, Aesthetix has leveraged AVIXA membership – and now its well-earned APEx status – to forge a path to even more consistent company growth.

Kaushik Mukhopadhyay | AVIXA Sudan Mylsamy, Managing Director of Aesthetix Technologies, and a visionary in the pro-AV market in India

Aesthetix is a leader in engineering, technology, ergonomics and project management for industries including oil & gas, power & water, defense, and marine and transport.

“From the largest offshore and onshore oil and gas infrastructure to complex rails and metro systems,” said Sudan Mylsamy, Managing Director of Aesthetix Technologies, “we are committed to offering smart and innovative solutions to all major assets of the world. Our people are the key to our distinctive delivery-focused culture – they set us apart from our competitors and allow us to attract and retain clients.”

The executives at Aesthetix began to ideate about the possibly of achieving APEx about 6 months ago. Why?

“AVIXA standards, and certifications, send a message to the industry,” said Mylsamy. “We had learned that already. We believe in building excellence. Achieving APEx is another milestone towards this pursuit of excellence – a constant improvement and constant change for the better. APEx is a further step down the path – as an Enterprise Member of AVIXA with access to training, standards, and other resources we felt it important to go that extra mile, and complete the journey with APEx status.”

"It is tremendous to see Aesthetix earn India's first APEx designation," said Gaurab Majumdar, AVIXA Regional Director. "Becoming an APEx company takes commitment. An AV integrator such as Aesthetix raises the bar for the many other providers delivering AV experiences in India and beyond,” said Gaurab Majumdar, AVIXA Regional Director.

Sudan Mylsamy detailed how APEx is part of an equation – well-thought out by AVIXA – that also includes certification, and standards.

“We are at over 6 staff now – with CTS certification from AVIXA – and counting,” he said. “And we have with some dual CTS D and CTS I team members. They range from Sales, Design, Execution and post sales support. This count is to increase in the next few months. And I would point out that we are keen to ensure most of the technical team is certified not just because we will retain our APEx designation. Important, yes, but we firmly believe that education is one commodity of which we can never have a surplus. It trains our team to think clearly and perform correctly.”

“AVIXA standards, and certifications, send a message to the industry. We had learned that already… Achieving APEx is another milestone towards this pursuit of excellence.”
Sudan Mylsamy
Managing DIrector of Aesthetix Technologies
Sudan Mylsamy

And Mylsamy points out the AVIXA enterprise membership has enabled Aesthetix to equip its employees with knowhow and skills that form concrete building blocks of expertise that are key to serving their clients better. It also provides employees with the option to move toward specialization in different realms in the AV industry. Having brand-agnostic knowledge in realm of design and installation is an avenue they need access to – to engage and service their clients with optimal efficiency.

“We have benefited from the various standards that AVIXA has pioneered,” concluded Mylsamy. “This has enabled a structured approach to every project we deploy, and ensures the appropriate delivery standards. AVIXA membership has enabled Aesthetix to provide its employees with a platform which provides them access to the developments of the Pro-AV industry not just from technical expertise standpoint but tuned to the needs of the industry as a whole.”

To receive APEx recognition, a company must demonstrate a high level of service quality and technical capability by building a team of Certified Technology Specialists™ (CTS), adhering to AVIXA performance standards, and proving ongoing customer satisfaction. AVIXA's CTS certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute under the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) ISO/IEC 17024:2012 General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification Schemes of Persons program.

For more information on AVIXA member benefits, and the APEx program, click here.