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Good Neighbor Policy

Good Neighbor Policy

InfoComm Show Management encourages a “Good Neighbor Policy” for audio demonstrations conducted in Audio Demo Rooms at the show. In order to minimize potential interference and disruption to the neighboring Audio Demo Rooms, adjacent meeting spaces and common areas used by other exhibitors, show education sessions and attendees, InfoComm Show Management strongly urges exhibitors to coordinate their demonstrations with the adjacent Audio Demo Room exhibitors and be respectful of others’ needs to also have a successful exhibiting and attending experience.

Audio Demo Room Recommended Sound Pressure Level Limits

InfoComm Show Management recommends that sound levels during each scheduled one-hour demonstration period not exceed 95dB (C Slow); however, a maximum level of 105dB (C Slow) is permitted for no longer than 10 minutes per scheduled demo period and peaks of 110dB (C Slow) are permitted only for a short duration of 1 to 2 minutes per demo period.


As in the past, InfoComm Show Management will continue to monitor the sound levels of the Audio Demo Rooms. Exhibitors conducting demonstrations in excess of the recommended limits above will be asked to reduce the volume of their demos. If InfoComm Show Management receives sound level complaints and such exhibitors causing interference do not reduce their demonstration volume after notification, Show Management reserves the right to close the exhibitor’s Audio Demo Room for at least one hour scheduled demo period. If the interfering exhibitor thereafter continues to disregard Show Management’s warnings and refuses to reduce the volume of their demos, Show Management may at its sole discretion, either close the exhibitor’s Audio Demo Room for a second one-hour period or turn off the electric supply to the Audio Demo Room without refund.

InfoComm Show Management appreciates participating exhibitors’ cooperation in monitoring the sound level of their demonstrations; being a “good neighbor” will help all have a successful show.