Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School

Today’s connected students are looking for meaningful, immersive experiences that impact their learning and their lives. Audiovisual (AV) solutions can help schools deliver. Some of the most powerful benefits of integrated AV experiences in higher education include better collaboration, better listening, interactive learning through visualization and the opportunity for more effective pedagogies supported by technology. Schools that reimagine learning experiences:

  • Attract the best students and help them achieve their full potential.
  • Transform the student-teacher relationship in active-learning classrooms where technology fades into the background.
  • Create unique spaces that enhance learning through multisensory stimulation.
  • Immerse the entire university community — students, parents, alumni, partner businesses and thought leaders — in integrated experiences that go beyond campus.

AVIXA has created a new resource The Power of Integrated AV Experiences in Higher Education to showcase the ways colleges and universities are leveraging audiovisual technologies to elevate the learning experience.


University of Calgary
The University of Calgary

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