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In March 2017, AVIXA sponsored and took part in the American Council on Education's ACE2017 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. AVIXA's Focus Zone Presentation, Connected Classes: Audiovisual Experiences Lead to Better Learning Outcomes, led by AVIXA Executive Director and CEO David Labuskes, CTS, detailed how colleges and universities were employing integrated AV solutions to attract students, create innovative learning environments and engage communities of interest in educating future generations.

AVIXA would like to share with you a new resource, Reimagining Higher Education: The Power of Integrated AV Experiences. Like the presentation at ACE2017, this in-depth report showcases the many ways institutions are embracing audiovisual experiences to enhance learning and create opportunities for collaboration. Educators, we hope the report sparks new ideas and causes you to engage your technology staffs and partners in what's possible through AV. AV service providers, we hope you'll share the report with your higher education clients as a springboard for conversations about new and exciting solutions.

AVIXA and its members believe in the power of AV technology to deliver powerful outcomes.

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