It can be tempting to jump headlong into hardware and software and quickly find yourself drowning in a sea of choices with no clear direction on where to go next. What your streaming game plan aims to do is help you identify those key strategic outputs - such as audience outcomes and experience - for your stream so that you can then focus on the right inputs - software, signal flow, audio, and video - to make your stream a success for both you and your audience. 

Join the February Power Hour to:

  • Understand your audience by gathering and evaluating customer information
  • Determine what your goals are for the stream
  • Identify and design the components needed to achieve those goals

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Investments in streaming media are expected to increase in the post COVID-19 world and the proliferation of audiovisual content is driving demand for video services, according to AVIXA’s IOTA report. Corporate live events producers and video production service providers can get the latest on key trends and technologies for AV content creation and distribution in AVIXA’s monthly Content Production & Streaming Power Hour. Learn more about the Content Production & Streaming Power Hour series. 




John Douglas, Jr.
IT Manager  
Prairie View A&M University 

  • professional audio and video specialist, John Douglas Jr., is a graduate of the Xavier University of Louisiana with a degree in Radio & TV Broadcast.
  • With a career spanning 25 years, John has worked in live radio and production, live television broadcast audio & video, as wells as simultaneous video director and front of house engineer for one of Houston's largest churches.
  • With work spanning from TBN, multiple experiences with churches, and even a music video shoot, John brings a world of experience and knowledge to the table.
  • He now holds a position as a Senior Audio Video Specialist at Prairie View A&M University, where he leads a team in supporting AV needs across 3 distinct campuses.

Georgie-Ann Getton
CEO & Founder  
GSD Solutions

  • Georgie-Ann Getton is a NY-based tech ecosystem trailblazer, Execution Expert, mom of two, and the CEO of GSD Solutions, a business development agency she founded in 2019.
  • She is also a multimedia content creator and speaker for her brand GSD with Georgie.
  • She is the author of "The Art of Getting Sh*t Done", a memoir and entrepreneurship guide, and the host of Doing The Most: The Misadventures of Entrepreneurship Podcast.
  • Georgie is passionate about developing inclusive, innovative, and experience-driven business models.
  • She additionally holds a seat on the NY Tech Alliance and Caribbeans in Tech & Entrepreneurship Boards. 

Sam Minish
VP Content Delivery   

  • Sam is the VP of Content Delivery for AVIXA, focusing on the organization’s digital transformation through improved user experiences and access to products.
  • In her role, Sam oversees AVIXA’s digital products and portfolio as well as the delivery and distribution of content and video for the industry.
  • She is championing video as a lead storytelling medium for the association.
  • Her background includes over 15 years in digital media, working with brands such as AccuWeather, USA Today (Gannett), The Weather Channel and AOL to drive product experience and audience engagement through content integration.

Leon Prather II
Manager, Digital Product Operations  

  • Leon is the Manager of Digital Product Operations for AVIXA, focusing on operational efficacy, collaboration, and efficiency and working at the intersection of product, engineering, and customer success.
  • In his role, Leon supports digital teams to maintain alignment, communication, and processes that help reinforce the capacity to ship the right products, in the best way, and as quickly as possible.
  • As a career integrator, Leon loves to work with teams to supercharge their strengths while identifying new opportunities.
  • In his 15+ year career in the AV industry, he has had the opportunity to work in and alongside all things digital – from photography, information technology, web management, video production, live A/V, audio production, digital asset management, and licensing.
  • As he has worked extensively for nonprofits and mission-based organizations like AVIXA, he has become a sincere proponent of servant leadership and empathy in business. 


    David Maldow, Esq.
    Founder & CEO
    Let's Do Video

    • David Maldow is the Founder & CEO of Let's Do Video and has been covering the visual collaboration industry, and related technologies, for over 15 years.
    • His background includes 5 years at Wainhouse Research, where he managed the Video Test Lab and evaluated many of the leading solutions at the time.
    • David has authored hundreds of articles and thought pieces both at Telepresence Options, where he was managing partner for several years, as well as at Let's Do Video.
    • David often speaks at industry events and webinars as well as hosting the LDV YouTube Live Stream.

    Event Information

    15 February 2023

    1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    Eastern Standard Time