As AV networks increase in size and complexity, more tools may be required to keep them efficient and reliable. If you’re already familiar with the use of VLANs and Trunks in a network, it's time to discover the next level of networking tools and tips: how using RADIUS can improve security; how Dynamic VLANs can segment data types without wasting ports; and how DHCP can speed up your workflow.

Participate in this December webinar to discover:

  • How switches – built specifically for network AV applications – can be programmed with these features via an easy web GUI.
  • How and when to use DHCP for automatic IP addressing.


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    Mark Collins
    Senior Specialist, Pro Audio Division
    Yamaha R&D Centre, UK

    • With over 20+ years in A/V and IT integration, Mark Collins is a seasoned designer and training specialist and a regular contributor to Yamaha online A/V training initiatives.
    • He has wide-ranging experience designing and installing AV & IT systems for Commercial and Residential applications, Mark has led technical support and IT teams and has freelanced and worked for both AV integrators and vendors across multiple disciplines.
    • His work can be found in settings ranging from meeting spaces to live events venues, even on superyachts.
    • An avid gamer, Mark loves music and in particular playing guitar to unwind or jamming with friends.
    • When he is not gaming or “guitaring”, Mark can be found in the countryside camping and taking long hikes.

    Andy Cooper
    Manager, Pro Audio Application Engineering
    Yamaha R&D Centre, UK

    • A 20+ year veteran of audio networks and digital mixing, Andy Cooper is the Pro Audio Application Engineering Manager based at the Yamaha R&D Centre in Milton Keynes, England.
    • Featuring a strong background in digital audio, Andy has worked with a variety of protocols and standards over the years including Cobra Net, EtherSound, AVB, AES67 and Dante and has provided training, design and technical support to AVOIP projects around the world.
    • Additionally, Andy has developed and been featured in numerous educational videos on network audio systems, many of which can be found on the Yamaha Global YouTube channel.
    • A member of the UK based Yamaha R&D team since 1999, Andy is an avid drummer and saxophonist, enjoying a wide range of rock, pop, jazz and gospel musical styles.


    Event Information

    06 December 2022

    1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    Eastern Standard Time