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CTS-D Prep in Olso

CTS-D Prep can help ease your nerves and boost your confidence before you take the CTS-D exam. In this virtual learning opportunity, three days a week for two weeks, you will practice your test-taking skills and focus on specific areas of AV design you need to focus your study time. 


Who Should Take this Course

Professionals who:

  • Are a current CTS® holder
  • Have minimum of two years’ experience in audiovisual design
  • Assess client needs
  • Prepare AV design documents
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other trades to create AV systems that satisfy client requirements 

Course Features:

  • Explore the CTS®-D exam format
  • Learn test-taking strategies and what to expect the day of the exam
  • Review design terminology and AV design math skills
  • Study the processes associated with designing an AV environment and infrastructure
  • Identify CTS-D exam study needs with drills and exercises including concepts, math formulas, vocabulary and diagrams 


To enroll in this course you will need to be a current CTS holder and have a minimum of two years’ experience in audiovisual design.

It is strongly recommended that students have in-depth knowledge of AV math or have taken AV Math for Design Online. Students should also have experience in system verification or have taken Elements of Setup and Verification Online. Additionally, the CTS-D candidate should take AV Design 1: EnvironmentAV Design 2: Infrastructure and AV Design 3: Applied Design — or be experienced designers.

We recommend purchasing the CTS-D Exam Guideand the CTS-D Exam Guide Supplement.

Course Fees

List/Basic: 898 EUR

Premium: 764.50 EUR

Elite: 695 EUR


AVIXA_RUCTS: 24 | CTS-D: 24 | CTS-I: 24 | Max: 24


Mikael Nilsson
Mikael Nilsson, CTS-D, AV Specialist, Raritech 

My AV-journey began as a teenager, as me and my best friend started a mobile disco, playing mainly at school gymnasiums and community centers during weekends and school breaks. We had great fun building DIY running lights, stroboscopes and horn speakers. After a while we earned enough money to buy some used pro-equipment. When we both got full time jobs the time and interest faded a bit and the disco-career ended.
After tech-school I started working for ABB, installing industrial automation, and later on, constructing and commissioning. After 10 years (with a break for 1year of military service), I wanted to try something else. I got an opportunity to try my wings in direct sales and did that for 4 years. After that I felt I wanted to learn more of the “mechanics” of trade and business, and went back to school. Literally the first week at the university I ran into an DJ-acquaintance, who was running a small AV-rental/install company mainly targeting nightclubs and such. He offered me a part-time job, which turned into a full-time job (but no economics degree).
After a few years I got an offer from a larger company, doing install for schools, hotels, concert halls, healthcare and such, mainly larger venues and/or with more complex install/integration with AV- light- UC- and control system etc. After 5 years with them, I started working with a rental company, more focused on live production, where I still am today. A big part of my current role is as a systems engineer for events like concerts and festivals, planning, rigging, gigging and later on, service and repairs. But I still do some installs, or at least the design and drawings. Other than that, I am still occasionally serving as an NCO in the Swedish territorials

Important Note

  • Completion of this program in no way guarantees that you will pass the CTS-D exam, nor will this program cover all the topics listed in the test outline.
  • By registering for this course, you are not signing up for the CTS-D exam. The CTS-D exam must be applied for, paid for and then scheduled separately at a Pearson VUE Testing Center.
  • Please refer to the CTS-D Candidate Handbook or avixa.org/ctsd for details

Event Information

15-17 November 2022

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM