Experts predict streaming digitally to the metaverse, or metaverses, will be common for concerts, events, retail and more. What is the metaverse and how can AV pros jump into the metaverse business? Content will become dynamic and personalized providing opportunities for AV to be the delivery mechanism for that content in the digital space. Join us in this universe to hear expert insight as the metaverse grows.

Join the October Power Hour to:

  • Understand what is meant by the metaverse and how it applies to AV
  • Learn how AV systems can be designed to deliver metaverse content
  • Identify the needs and expectations of the end users in the metaverse 

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Investments in streaming media are expected to increase in the post COVID-19 world and the proliferation of audiovisual content is driving demand for video services, according to AVIXA’s IOTA report. Corporate live events producers and video production service providers can get the latest on key trends and technologies for AV content creation and distribution in AVIXA’s monthly Content Production & Streaming Power Hour. Learn more about the Content Production & Streaming Power Hour series. 




Akintayo Adewole
Creative Technologist, DRKR PXLS  
Sr. Design Engineer, Verrex

  • Akintayo has 20+ years of experiences in the AV industry and is currently a Senior Design Engineer.
  • In 2020, Akintayo started his company DRKR PXLS which focuses on the use of immersive and experiential technologies for storytelling and interactive applications.
  • He is a self-proclaimed virtual production evangelist and creative technologist.
  • Part-time professional creative as a photographer, filmmaker and music composer.
  • Media manager and music director for ADCOLOR, a non-profit organization that has focused on DEI within the ad, marketing and media vertical for the last 18 years.
  • Akintayo has a BSME from Northwestern University, MSIS from New Jersey Institute of Technology and various technology certifications.

Ivan Collins
Innoface Systems

  • Ivan Collins is the President and CEO of Innoface Systems, Inc., one of the top government and commercial audiovisual integration firms that has served the DC Metro area over the last 18 years.
  • Ivan is also the host of AV Experts Podcast, a podcast that focuses on new technology and AV integration.
  • Ivan is currently studying Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he is learning the ins and outs of XR design and technology.
  • In his spare time he enjoys time with his 3 kids and his lovely wife. Ivan is an avid chess player of 19 years and likes to spend time playing online and in person with anyone who is interested. 

Ed Haravon
Get Real XR

  • Ed Haravon is an Entrepreneur and business leader with a proven history of developing the talents of people alongside emerging trends in technology to solve business problems.
  • He co-founded Get Real XR with Rob Merrilees in 2020 to help businesses and organizations leverage the Metaverse to dramatically change the way they work.
  • Ed's background is in proprietary trading where he spent over 20 years as an options trader, portfolio manager, partner and executive.
  • As trading in capital markets became driven by advances in technology, the ability to leverage these new toolsets became crucial to industry success.
  • Over the years he gained valuable experience in areas such as high-performance computing, algorithmic and AI – driven strategy development, managing large sets of data, and combining qualitative and quantitative research to inform decision making.
  • The “future of work” has never been more on the minds of innovators and entrepreneurs than it is in the current moment.
  • Ed is excited about applying these cumulative experiences towards helping businesses imagine the possibilities that lie ahead.

    Lyndsae' Peele
    Founder & Principal Consultant, Kingdom Vision Consulting
    Co-Founder, Zubachee

    • Lyndsae' Peele, MBA, PMEC™ is a results-driven finance coach, international speaker, tech start up founder, and black wealth advocate.
    • She received her BA in Broadcast Journalism from Howard University, her MBA from the University of Maryland Global Campus, and certification in Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell University. 
    • She is the CEO of the award-winning financial services company, Kingdom Vision Enterprises, LLC.
    • The organization houses two financial subsidiaries, Kingdom Vision Consulting & The R.E.A.L. Deal Radio Show.
    • Kingdom Vision has been honored as the SBA’s 2022 Maryland Financial Services Champion of the Year. 
    • Lyndsae' Peele is also the co-founder of a new financial tech start up with business partner Casey Ariel.
    • They are both Black women eradicating barriers in trade and commerce for Black businesses using Web3.
    • Both are ex-bankers, turned award-winning founders who have joined forces to birth Zubachee. 


    Deborah Jones, MBA, CTS
    Audio Visual/Information Technology Sales Manager
    QEII Live, Queen Elizabeth II Centre

    • Deborah Jones MBA has a career working in the Events Industry and is currently AV/IT sales manager at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, planning and managing the technical aspects of the Centre’s client portfolio.
    • Previously she worked for the commercial arm of a charity organisation, The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, where she established an events unit, organising conferences, selling exhibition space, seminars, awards ceremonies and gala dinners and ran their publications, commissioning, editing, publishing and selling their book list. Deborah has also worked in events for the publisher Macmillan.
    • Deborah Jones CTS has been an AVIXA member for 15 years and is a member of several AVIXA Committees: the Diversity Council, Women’s Council, Membership and the AVIXA Content and Learning Committees.
    • She acts occasionally as a facilitator for AVIXA webinars and is a director for the global AV User Group which has groups in London, San Jose, New York, Scotland, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

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    19 October 2022

    1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    Eastern Standard Time