There is a shift away from bulky expensive hardware to more flexible software, cloud-based solutions. Explore system interoperability, how to integrate or jettison legacy equipment as needed, and how to decide whether to install new equipment or replace it with software. 

Join the July Power Hour to learn:

  • When to install new equipment or replace with software
  • How to understand the system interoperability of hardware and software equipment
  • How to integrate existing hardware within your upgraded system when feasible and recommended
  • How to evaluate your existing system and develop the project scope for upgrading


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Investments in streaming media are expected to increase in the post COVID-19 world and the proliferation of audiovisual content is driving demand for video services, according to AVIXA’s IOTA report. Corporate live events producers and video production service providers can get the latest on key trends and technologies for AV content creation and distribution in AVIXA’s monthly Content Production & Streaming Power Hour. Learn more about the Content Production & Streaming Power Hour series. 

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Nick Anderson
Product Manager
Digital Glue

  • DigitalGlue’s Product Manager, Nick Anderson, has been in the post-production industry for over a decade working with small and large creative teams as an Editor, Colorist, Post Production Supervisor, and Consultant.
  • He has helped many companies build efficient workflows tailored to their needs and is a regular on popular industry forums and Facebook Groups.

John Douglas Jr.
IT Manager 
Prairie View A&M University

  • A professional audio and video specialist, John Douglas Jr., is a graduate of the Xavier University of Louisiana with a degree in Radio & TV Broadcast.
  • With a career spanning 25 years, John has worked in live radio and production, live television broadcast audio & video, as wells as simultaneous video director and front of house engineer for one of Houston's largest churches.
  • With work spanning from TBN, multiple experiences with churches, and even a music video shoot, John brings a world of experience and knowledge to the table.
  • He now holds a position as a Senior Audio Video Specialist at Prairie View A&M University, where he leads a team in supporting AV needs across 3 distinct campuses. 

Jesse Miller
Midtown Video

  • Hosting and Streaming live shows since 2007, Jesse focuses most of his content on 'how to produce live content'.
  • A fan of TLA's (three-letter-acronyms), his passion for video production is matched only by his passion for sharing that knowledge with others.
  • As CEO of Midtown Video, Jesse assists clients with Sports Broadcasting, Live Streaming, Video Walls, Large Venue Sound, and other AV technologies.

Jeffrey Powers

  • Jeff has been creating content online for over 15 years.
  • He creates Audio/Video content for Geekazine (website, and YouTube) and through independent projects.
  • Jeff is always finding new ways to create content for online consumption.
  • When he is not creating, he is contributing on Office Hours.
  • In the evenings, Jeff plays in a band and creates music.

      Deborah Jones,MBA, CTS
      Audio Visual/Information Technology Sales Manager
      QEII Live, Queen Elizabeth II Centre

      • Deborah Jones MBA has a career working in the Events Industry and is currently AV/IT sales manager at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, planning and managing the technical aspects of the Centre’s client portfolio.
      • Previously she worked for the commercial arm of a charity organization, The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, where she established an events unit, organizing conferences, selling exhibition space, seminars, awards ceremonies and gala dinners and ran their publications, commissioning, editing, publishing and selling their book list.
      • Deborah has also worked in events for the publisher Macmillan.
      • Deborah Jones CTS has been an AVIXA member for 15 years and is a member of several AVIXA Committees: the Diversity Council, Women’s Council, Membership and the AVIXA Content and Learning Committees.
      • She acts occasionally as a facilitator for AVIXA webinars and is a director for the global AV User Group which has groups in London, San Jose, New York, Scotland, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

      Event Information

      20 July 2022

      1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
      Eastern Standard Time