Looking to boost the accuracy and efficiency of your live event design process? If so, join Eric Girard, senior technical director at Cramer, for this case study-style webinar! Girard will showcase how he creates wiring and video flows with ConnectCAD. Girard will also discuss the challenges he normally faces and why it’s so important to have a powerful design software.

Participate in this webinar to learn about:

  • Planning out paperwork before arriving at the job site to better boost efficiency.
  • Creating video wiring and diagrams during the pre-production process
  • Using reports to get accurate counts of gear and cable lengths.


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        Eric Girard
        Senior Technical Director 

        • Eric Girard is the Senior Technical Director at Cramer, an event and content marketing agency based in Boston, MA.
        • He has more than 15 years of experience leading live production in sports, corporate events, and concerts.
        • He uses Vectorworks for rigging layouts, audio systems, video displays, as well as lighting and scenic design.
        • Presently, Eric specializes in the technical production process.
        • He designs every technical element to work flawlessly for each event.
        • As a leader on the events team, Eric plays a key role in a project from conception of ideas, pre-production, budgeting, and on-site execution.
        • Eric has a strong desire for developing efficient workflows to maximize capabilities.

        Event Information

        12 July 2022

        1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
        Eastern Standard Time