Audio Power Hour: What’s Next? Advancing Your Career as an Audio Professional

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In this webinar, a panel will discuss the skills an audio professional won’t learn in a classroom. They will explore technical, cultural, and interpersonal skills needed for professional growth in the global marketplace. Have a burning question? Submit it here.

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This Power Hour series also includes:

February 3: Selecting a Test Signal: A practical discussion on the pros and cons of various signal types, including how to select the best test signal for any given audio test.  
March 3: The Differences between Digital and Analog Levels: How and why digital and analog dB levels vary.
March 31: Advanced Troubleshooting: How to determine what is causing a poor audio experience (the system, room, user, etc.) and possible ways to fix the problem.  
May 5: Conferencing Audio: A deep dive into what sets conferencing audio apart from other audio projects and how to complete an audio conferencing project with expertise. 



sarabeth_mullinsSarabeth Mullins
Doctoral Student
Sorbonne University

  • Sarabeth Mullins, CTS, is a doctoral student with the Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert, where she uses virtual reality to reconstruct the acoustic heritage of historic buildings. 
  • She has three years prior experience in audiovisual and acoustic consulting, and is a 2016 recipient of the AVIXA Foundation's Michael Vergauwen Memorial Scholarship. 



    Ben-BoeshansBen Boeshans, CTS-D
    Senior Consultant

  • Ben Boeshans, CTS-D, specializes in high-performance audio design for venues where people gather to share an experience. 
  • His depth of experience spans detailed design for high-profile new construction projects to specialized troubleshooting for existing venues. 
  • Ben joined the team that became Idibri in 2010 with a strong background in live production. 
  • Ben is a member of AVIXA's Standards Steering Committee, the Audio Coverage Uniformity Standard task group, and a frequent presenter at InfoComm.

    carlos_cavalcanteCarlos Cavalcante, CTS-D, CTS-I
    Presales Manager – AVI
    Seal Telecom 

  • Carlos Cavalcante, CTS-D, CTS-I, has over 25 years’ experience designing and integrating AV systems and training end users. 
  • He has worked in various markets across LATAM, such as corporate, education, houses of worship, transportation and venues. 
  • He graduated in Industrial Automation and is a specialist in Sound Engineering with a background in Physics and Electricity. 
  • He is a Presales Manager for AVI at Seal Telecom, Brazil and a member of AVIXA’s CTS-D Exam Item Writing Committee since 2019.

    holger_wiesenbergHolger Wiesenberg
    AV project manager/system designer, CTS Trainer, lecturer for AV + assistive listening
    Jaggo Media GmbH

  • One night in late 1999 a sound engineering veteran asked the young Holger: “Hey, Holger, you are also interested in this technical sound stuff, aren’t you?“ His answer was yes. This one sentence changed his life…forever.
  • From long rides in band vans to standing in front of his students. 
  • From mixing live shows to tuning sound systems in cathedrals or conference halls. 
  • From thinking about complex acoustic problems to drilling holes for loudspeaker mounts. 
  • It has been a long and exciting ride…and it still is.