The AVIXA Women's Council presents a very special webinar, Amplify Your Brand with Passion & Purpose, with Kimberly Maki. She will walk us through the Personal Brand Shield creative exercise.

The Personal Brand Shield is a fun and interactive way to begin the process of identifying your core attributes and creating your personal brand. It serves as a visual pathway to remind us how we show up in our most authentic natural actions. Together, we'll explore your secrets to success, top accomplishments, special skills and talents, personal beliefs and values, people and brands that inspire you and what lights you up. Through these stories, we unearth descriptive keywords and powerful memory tags that serve as the basis for your personal value statement, classic elevator pitch, lean-in networking introduction and much more!

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kimberly_maki (2)Kimberly Maki 
CEO & Founder
Influential Voices Magazine

  • Kimberly is a Columbia University-trained executive coach.
  • She is also a former TV and association executive.



    Event Information

    27 August 2020

    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    Eastern Standard Time