Low quality audio means your audience will perceive the overall video quality as lower and leads to poor retention rates. Learn five ways to get the best quality audio for your videos and broadcasts. Explore the different platforms for streaming audio signals and understand how scalable the systems are; how these systems can be used hand-in-hand, and how intricately the audio transports are intermingled with video. 

Join the February Power Hour to learn how to:

  • Achieve the best quality audio via the five ways - level your audio throughout the broadcast, use an equalizer to smooth your sound and improve clarity, remove harsh frequencies and make recordings pop, get rid of plosives and sibilance (popping and hissing sounds), cut through the noise with removal plug-ins, and get a good mix of all the audio elements.
  • Identify the platforms for streaming audio and how to scale them.
  • Set objectives for clients based on their environment, project, goals, and budget.
  • Manage team workflows, production, and organizational considerations for streaming events.
  • Understand security of audio transports across the network and the Internet.
  • Compare hardware vs. software design choices and address upgrades and updates.


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Investments in streaming media are expected to increase in the post COVID-19 world and the proliferation of audiovisual content is driving demand for video services, according to AVIXA’s IOTA report. Corporate live events producers and video production service providers can get the latest on key trends and technologies for AV content creation and distribution in AVIXA’s monthly Content Production & Streaming Power Hour. Learn more about the Content Production & Streaming Power Hour series. 



Paige Flenniken
Sales Director
AVNation Media

  • Paige Flenniken is the head of Sales and Operations for AVNation Media.
  • Flenniken is responsible for coordinating online and in-person productions. In addition, she works with manufacturers, facilities, and producers to create award-winning events.
  • Since joining AVNation, Flenniken has become an invaluable resource to manufacturers, associations, and members of the press.

Kanika Khanna
Associate Technical Director
Jack Morton Worldwide 

  • Kanika Khanna (B.A. and B.S. from USC) is an experienced Sound Engineer with a strong background in live events and AV installations.
  • She currently has returned to live events full time as an Associate Technical Director at Jack Morton Worldwide, and continues to serve as the system engineer for the LA Memorial Coliseum.

Coran Smith
Technical Specialist 


        Deborah Jones,MBA, CTS
        Audio Visual/Information Technology Sales Manager
        QEII Live, Queen Elizabeth II Centre

        • Deborah Jones MBA has a career working in the Events Industry and is currently AV/IT sales manager at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, planning and managing the technical aspects of the Centre’s client portfolio.
        • Previously she worked for the commercial arm of a charity organisation, The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, where she established an events unit, organising conferences, selling exhibition space, seminars, awards ceremonies and gala dinners and ran their publications, commissioning, editing, publishing and selling their book list.
        • Deborah has also worked in events for the publisher Macmillan.
        • Deborah Jones CTS has been an AVIXA member for 15 years and is a member of several AVIXA Committees: the Diversity Council, Women’s Council, Membership and the AVIXA Content and Learning Committees.
        • She acts occasionally as a facilitator for AVIXA webinars and is a director for the global AV User Group which has groups in London, San Jose, New York, Scotland, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

        Event Information

        16 February 2022

        1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
        Eastern Standard Time