When a draft standard reaches a mature enough stage in the development process, the draft is posted for public review and comment before final publication. During the public review phase, feedback is welcomed from anyone who has a material interest in the draft.

Public Review and Comment

The draft version of AVIXA F502.02, Rack Design for Audiovisual (AV) Systems, is open for public review until June 28, 2019.

Comments should be submitted to standards@avixa.org by commending in the spreadsheet available to download to your device. Save your comments and attach the spreadsheet to your email.

Download Draft Standard

Download Spreadsheet

Dates for Submissions

Please submit your comments by June 3 if you'd like them considered during the Town Hall discussion on June 4.

You can also submit them by the end of the public review period on June 28.

Description of the Standard

This Standard defines the requirements for designing equipment into an AV equipment rack; details the requirements for collecting design input information; and defines the required design output information.

It can be applied to:

  1. Systems to be built into racks according to IEC 60297-3-100 (482,6mm or 19 inches) requirements.
  2. Systems to be built into ‘half rack’ or other sizes at the user’s discre


Per ANSI Essential Requirements

Prompt consideration shall be given to the written views and objections of all participants, including those commenting on the PINS announcement or public comment listing in Standards Action. In connection with an objection articulated during a public comment period, or submitted with a vote, an effort to resolve all expressed objections accompanied by comments related to the proposal under consideration shall be made, and each such objector shall be advised in writing (including electronic communications) of the disposition of the objection and the reasons therefor. If resolution is not achieved, each such objector shall be informed in writing that an appeals process exists within procedures used by the standards developer. In conformance with these requirements, you have the right to express an objection to the comment resolution proposed by the task group for a period of two weeks from the date of notification.

These procedures are outlined in detail in the procedures manuals found in the Public Groups documents folder.

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