Diseño AV para el hogar: Como ir más allá de lo evidente


En este ameno espacio formativo, se expondrán anécdotas relacionadas con el diseño de soluciones AV para el hogar, y los ¨cómos¨, para lograr prever los fallos en la implementación de soluciones enfocadas a este mercado.

El marketing actual, más que lineal, un proceso circular [ES]


¡Participa del webinar sobre las tendencias de Marketing para la industria de Audio y Video!

Understanding Voice Lift: Best Practices For More Effective Large Meeting Spaces


The implementation of voice lift in an AV conference system or meeting room environment can be complex. Special considerations range from separate signal paths for capturing audio and voice lift sound reinforcement, to configuring virtual references for the acoustic echo cancelers.

Creating Sound Environments for Brands


Just like lighting, aroma, and interior design, the sounds a customer is initially exposed to can have a significant impact on their comfort and enthusiasm. Carefully selected music and sound offerings can create immersive experiences that elevate a brand. How can brands collaborate more effectively with technology providers to provide a soundtrack that is both engaging and creates a positive association? What is the best way to ensure that high-end, customized sound control enhances a brand?

Open Source System per realizzare sistemi AV integrati [IT]


In questo webinar sarà presentata una panoramica delle principali piattaforme open source orientate alla costruzione di sistemi multimediali per musei e punti vendita...

Smart Working & Collaboration: produttività appesa a un cavo


Scopri come migliorare la tua produttività e aumentare la competitività della tua azienda con soluzioni di connettività all'avanguardia.

Trends that are Forming the Future of Retail


Shop Environments Association's designer members have identified 6 retail environment trends that are changing how retailers reach their customers and sell their products through the Brick and Mortar stores. These trends come from over a year of direct observations from industry innovation experts.

L’interazione è storytelling – e lo storytelling è un bisogno [IT]


L'interazione come strumento di narrazione, dall’epoca pionieristica al quotidiano, nell’arte, nella cultura e nella comunicazione commerciale.

Standards und Normen für die AV Branche [DE]


Standards werden immer wichtiger, auch in der AV-Branche. Deshalb fördert AVIEA seit über 10 Jahren den Entwicklungsprozess von AV Standards aktiv und hat seither mehr als zehn neue Standards speziell für unsere Branche veröffentlicht.

Scaling Video Distribution Over Ethernet Networks


This use of standard network protocols allows the use of almost any standard networking equipment to be used as and AV distribution system. However, as suited a multicast seems for media distribution, there is a limit to the scalability of high bandwidth multicast media networks due to the possibility of flooding links between networks or network devices since there is no mechanism within the multicast standards to coordinate or limit the number of multicast streams requested from receivers on the upstream side of the link.

Audio- und Videoinstallationen – Welche Normen gibt es, wer hat diese geschrieben?


Die Entwicklung der Normung hat mit der Vereinheitlichung von Regeln und Merkmalen von für Produkte und Dienstleistungen die wirtschaftliche und technische Entwicklung stark vorangebracht.

Change Orders and Integrators


A webinar hosted by the Systems Integrators Council discussing the formal best practices for change order management on an AV Project.

Prospettive di Design Thinking nell’evoluzione della comunicazione aziendale


La comunicazione, soprattutto quella di stampo corporate, per essere innovativa deve integrarsi con i processi, le informazioni e i touchpoint esistenti e in continua evoluzione, proprio perché gestiti da persone.

Hearing What Isn't Said - Better Communication for Greater Success


Part of becoming an effective communicator is learning to recognize and read nonverbal cues from those you are speaking with, but just as important is learning to listen with the intent of understanding, rather than simply responding. This class aims to teach valuable skills that will help you translate between these languages, recognize the spoken and nonverbal cues, and reach that level of understanding.

Understanding the New AVIXA Image System Contrast Ratio (ISCR) standard


The ISCR standard combines ANSI/INFOCOMM 3M-2011, Projected Image System Contrast Ratio (PISCR) and the draft standard ANSI/AVIXA V201.02 Direct View Display Image System Contrast Ratio (DVDSCR). Using the viewing categories established in the original PISCR standard: passive viewing, basic decision making, analytical decision making and full motion video, the new standard incorporates sequential test patterns and measurement to provide comprehensive methodologies and metrics for all types of system specification and verification.

Retailtainment: Attractions are Bringing Customers to the Mall


With malls competing for time with online shopping and a myriad of leisure activities, retailers are increasingly looking to attractions to enhance the retail experience. Interactivity, personalization and entertainment are key trends facilitated by the latest technologies. Sophisticated new experiences are creating a new kind of mall, with retail blending with entertainment to create a unique out-of-home experience: retailtainment.

Building a Better Tradeshow Learning Experience using AV Standards


In 2019, we got serious about using our own standards and best practices to inform the space design for training at the show. Join Senior Staff Instructors Chuck Espinoza and Tom Kehr and Director of Program Design Rachel Bradshaw as they explore how AVIXA learned to love the taste of our own cooking. We'll explore how the show took a fresh look at user needs and leveraged standards, volunteers, and certified expertise to elevate the training experience at the InfoComm 2019 show.

Digital Signage Content Trends in the Hospitality Industry


Hotels are increasing their investment in content as the use of digital signage proliferates in the hospitality industry – in hotel lobbies, restaurants, meeting rooms, and elevators – to promote special offerings and events to their guests. More and more, hotels are looking to repurpose this promotional content on social media to reach a wider audience. This webinar discusses how hotels are creating content for social media and digital signage right now and what AV professionals need to know to support hoteliers growing digital signage and content needs.

Designing for Usability in AV Systems


There are a lot of people using the terms 'user experience,' 'user friendly,' and 'usable' in the AV industry lately. What do those terms really mean, though, and how they can be quantified? This webinar will define these cross-discipline design ideas and demonstrate how to translate them to AV and control systems design. You'll learn how these principles can make your systems better and your processes more profitable.

From Storyscaping to Immersive Storytelling: When the Narration Becomes Immersive


More and more often the brands are looking for new approaches to create deep relationships with the end users. Evolution of the storytelling, the “Storyscaping” allows to create engaging experiences that can impress themselves in the heart and mind of the audience.

An RMS is Not Just For Resourceful Management:The Value of a 'Help' Button


At Temple we have been using a resource management system for over 15 years, it has gone from something that many were dubious of to being depended on to provide a high level of technical support both proactively and re-actively for 465 rooms, in 44 buildings on five campuses and a sixth administrative site.

La tecnologia Line Array applicata ai microfoni


La configurazione line array è al giorno d’oggi estremamente diffusa nel settore dell’audio professionale, sia nel campo degli eventi live che delle installazioni fisse.

Nuova Opportunità: Display Led Trasparenti


Introduzione alla nuova tecnologia Display Led trasparenti. Un nuovo prodotto sempre più diffuso a livello mondiale ed europeo.

Tecnologie AV per la Società 4.0


Gli sviluppi tecnologici sempre più dirompenti nei settori convergenti di AV, ICT e Big Data avranno un impatto decisivo nel cambiamento e nell’innovazione della società, generando nuovi modelli di servizi alla persona e al cittadino.

Leaders, Are You Building Your Leadership Legacy?


A mentor guides and advises. A sponsor elevates and champions others behind closed doors and might also be the one to say “yes!” and make the hiring call. Sponsorship puts people front and center, building engagement and increasing confidence. According to many research studies, this strategy results in significant promotion for both parties.

AV Technology in Public Art Interactives


Explore three different projects that illustrate the design process and considerations for audience interactive installations. Identify the correct balance of providing an accessible technology experience and piquing interest in the unknown to engage end users in the anticipated interaction.

Dallo Storyscaping all’Immersive Storytelling: quando la narrazione diventa immersiva


Sempre di più i brand sono alla ricerca di nuovi approcci per creare relazioni profonde con i consumatori.

The Silent AV Project Killer: Identifying Team Dysfunction and Pathways to a Cure


From system design, through engineering review, and final installation, AV projects depend on teams for their success. Some teams seem to work better than others. Some project managers have smooth installations and others flounder. Some companies innovate and attract strong employees.

AI e Dati integrati e visualizzati in evento dall’uomo alla macchina


Gli eventi sono sempre più incentrati su dati e informazione, quindi il crescente interesse di hackathon e conference sulla data analysis segnano solo l'inizio di quello che sarà il futuro per un'architettura basata sulle informazioni e l'elaborazione di queste.

3D Immersive Audio - Konzepte - Umsetzung - Anwendung


3D Immersive Audio – das Erreichen eines umhüllenden Raumklangs – ist seit vielen Jahren ein allgegenwärtiges Thema in der Raum- und Elektroakustik. Dieser Beitrag stellt die Konzepte dahinter und deren Umsetzung vor.

Operations Management for Rental and Staging


This webinar is designed to get rental and staging managers to 'think outside the box' and beyond their day to day operation.

Diagnosing Power Problems and How They Affect System Performance


Power is often an afterthought, but the reality is, underlaying power issues can be a common root cause for system downtime. While many believe that the network and control is the foundation of the system, power issues can cause significant issues and render those installed systems useless.

Hospitality for the AV Engineer


Let's face it, technology is a volatile product. We all have our stories of those tough days and how we worked our way through them. It's what makes the world of AV operations so exciting and let's face it, stressful. What if there was way to navigate every day with less stress while yielding better results?

Sound System Spectral Balance: The New Standard


Standard Alert! Get the scoop on AVIXA’s latest audio standard before it’s published. In the first half of this webinar, you’ll dig into the foundational principles behind this carefully vetted standard with industry legend, Ray Rayburn. In the second half of this webinar, learn how Parsons Technologies has incorporated this standard with a case study from task group member Tim Habedank.

AVIXA's Mentor Program


Mentoring is proven to drive employee recruitment, engagement, and retention. AVIXA is committed to creating a community around mentoring, offers formal mentor/mentee training, skills-building workshops, supports our member companies and councils as they build internal initiatives and so much more.

CTS Prep: Math


Thinking about taking the CTS exam but not sure about the math? Or maybe you have your CTS but could use a number-crunching refresher? Conquer your math fears with the AV Profs at your side. Learn formulas, examples and shortcuts to ease your nerves on your CTS journey.

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