Date: 7/29/2020


Tasked with bringing the Creative Director’s fuzzy vision to life, Eric Girard and his team atCramer used innovative design software, Vectorworks and ConnectCAD, to finish the project. Join Eric Girard, technical director at Cramer, for a case-study-style webinar focused on a corporate event at the Foxwoods Casino where his team seamlessly integrated rigging, lighting, sound, projection, staging, and LEDs. Tune in for workflow tips and tricks to reduce errors and increase your productivity.


ericgirardEric Girard
Senior Technical Director

  • Eric Girard is the Senior Technical Director at Cramer just outside of Boston, where he is responsible for bringing creative ideas to life through building intricate stages, rigging, lighting, and audio-visual landscapes.  
  • Girard has been responsible for numerous large shows, including a 6,000-person attended conference.

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