Date: 10/21/2020


This webinar will cover In-Building Wireless (IBW), a broad term that encompasses different wireless technologies, strategies and solutions. Infrastructure distributors will talk about their real-life experiences in choosing and installing overlapping wireless systems in commercial buildings. You’ll learn about the immense changes that 5G will bring and the impact of the new WiFi 6, the increasingly popular wireless mesh, the underestimated Li-fi and more.

We’ll also discuss cybersecurity for smart buildings.  Our experts will talk about 10 ways your building could be under attack—and the role of security integrators.

Buildings may be ready for a wide range of emergency situations—everything from Covid to fires to active shooters—but, with the convergence of information technology (IT) systems with operational technology (OT) systems, they simply are not yet prepared for the various types of cyberattacks.

Learning Objectives:

1) You’ll learn how to overcome the challenges of in-building wireless.
2) We’ll peek into the near future to find out how 5G will impact the built environment.
3) You’ll put on your white hat to understand how and why cyber-attackers will attempt to breach a smart building.


Szymon_Slupik Szymon Slupik
President/CTO of Silvair  
CTO & CHAIR of the Mesh Working Group at Bluetooth SIG


  • Szymon founded Silvair, a wireless technology provider and the leading provider of a smart lighting control platform as a service, based on interoperable and open standards. 
  • As CTO, he has pioneered cutting edge industrial scale mesh networks based on Bluetooth Smart. 
  • Silvair Mesh is a scalable long-range mesh network based on a high-performance software stack designed for existing BLE 4.x controllers. 
  • As Chair of Bluetooth SIG's Mesh Working Group, Szymon drove the development of Bluetooth mesh networking since the conception-- contributing knowledge, expertise and IP to make it widely successful and interoperable. 
  • Simon is the author of the Mesh Model specification that lays the ground for interoperability of multi-vendor smart lighting systems.

    Jon SzliegaJon Szeliga
    National Sales Director
    Engineering Wireless Services


  • Jon Szeliga is National Sales Director at Engineering Wireless Services who provides turnkey design, build, maintenance, upgrade, and consulting services throughout the telecommunications industry.
  • As National Sales Director with more than a decade of experience in the Wireless Communications Industry, Jon leads the customer collaboration with various carriers and vendors (in both regional and local markets) to successfully complete projects.

  • Harsha_Vaccher Harsha Vachher
    Founder and Managing Director
    K Tech Labs Inc


  • Harsha Vachher is the Founder and Managing Director of K Tech Labs Inc in Toronto. 
  • K Tech Labs provides managed cyber security services to the real estate industry-- from building security assessments and remediation to practical Chief Security Officer strategic and advisory services.  
  • Harsha is a seasoned IT professional with diversified experience in various areas of the IoT  & security for verticals including smart buildings, smart city, smart home, logistics and wearables. 
  • Having worked with companies like Tata Communications, BentallGreenOak, HCL Technologies and Safenet, Harsha has been preventing cyber threats and protecting building systems for the past 15 years.

  • nicolas_waern-501
    Nicolas Waern
    CEO & Founder


  • Nicolas Waern is CEO and co-Founder of Winnio, provider of consulting services around digital leadership with a primary focus on transforming the real estate industry.
  • Nicolas, also known as "The Building Whisperer" has extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of building automation, smart buildings and smart cities, connectivity and IoT in general.
    bob_snyderBob Snyder
    Channel Media 

  • Bob Snyder, Editor-in-Chief, Channel Media is the publisher of SmartBuilding. News, Digital Signage News EMEA, European Solution Provider and more. 
  • For the past 10 years, he has been the Content Chairman for the SMART BUILDING CONFERENCE at ISE.

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