Date: 8/19/2020


Conferencing and collaboration have evolved to where the technology and tools; the environment and space planning; and the presentation and the presenter all come together in harmony. But, many of your customers may have well forgotten the missing link that helped many companies like theirs evolve to this level? If we were to do an “archaeological dig” of the most successful collaborative organizations throughout time, what would we learn? Would we learn that there is a common thread, a missing link if you will, that is often overlooked that was key to building these successful collaboration and conferencing experiences? I believe the answer is, yes. Come to this session to explore how the next generation of AV/IT professionals will need to focus on this “MISSING LINK” – THE COLLABORATIVE CULTURE. Come discuss how Understanding the Collaborative Culture and how we as an industry can add more value to bridge business strategy/operations and process gaps by connecting company culture to the three usual concepts of space planning, technology and people/content.

In this webinar we will challenge you with some of the most thought-provoking concepts on how to take a space from communicating ideas to turning a group into a true collective that correlates ideas and fully collaborates using AV/IT as the catalyst for change. Going forward, the AV/IT industry will play a pivotal role in solving collaboration and communication problems. This will not be done with the silver bullet of UC&C systems and hardware, but by also adding critical business consulting and process training to the offering. We will cover the 7 Keys to assisting customers to evolve their organizations to a state of having a truly collaborative and communicative culture.


Max-Kopsho-newMax Kopsho
Professional Services Consultant

  • Max has over 30 years of in-depth experience with A/V system design and install, networking, telecom, videoconferencing, collaborative systems and business management/operational excellence/process improvement. 
  • He has been a senior academy faculty member for AVIXA University for over 12 years and was awarded the  Educator of the Year award in 2010. 
  • He has developed and executed comprehensive global training programs for top companies in AV/IT.
  • His experience in UC&C includes videoconferencing and collaborative environment design for global enterprises, product development, education and development, and implementation.


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