Date: 7/30/2020


As we continue to navigate our return to the office in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, new considerations for how we work must be made. We asked our enterprise customers what challenges they face as they open their doors. Based on their responses, we created an immersive workplace experience designed to keep your employees informed, safe, and comfortable. Using Appspace's team communications solutions integrated into apps and devices you use every day such as Slack, Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Workplace as well as workplace displays, we'll walk you through how to use technology to communicate more effectively.


thomas_philippartdefoyThomas Philippart de Foy
EVP Product Experiences

  • Prior to joining in 2012, Thomas held a variety of senior sales and product marketing roles at Cisco for over 16 years.
  • As an expert in workplace communication, Thomas has spent most of his career explaining the Art Of The Possible with technology. 
  • He is an exponential thinker and engaging speaker working with most of Appspace's largest customers and partners as they build their digital strategies for the modern workplace.

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