Date: 6/2/2020


Level Up! Online: University of Aalborg: Designing Distance Learning Classrooms Using AVIXA Standards 

Aalborg University has, over the years, developed their own standard in the design of distance learning classrooms, based on Avixa’s standards.

Furthermore they have used the knowledge from different research groups within the university to design the user interface of the control system, pedagogical and technical courses for teachers and supporters.

During this webinar you will get examples of the design and how it has been done in practice. Some of the topics we will look at are:

Session Topics:

Per Mouritzen

Per Mouritzen
Aalborg University

Per Mouritzen has been working in te AV industry for more than 20 years, both as end user, installer and technician, he holds an CTS and has a master in ICT and learning, he is responsible for the classroom design at Aalborg University, Denmark.

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