Date: 6/2/2020


Level Up! Online: Matrox: Scaling in AV — If It's So Simple, Why Do So Many Go Wrong?

The concept of making an image bigger or smaller is simple yet many clients seem to somehow ‘get the wrong end of the stick.’ The AV professional can sort this out – and as always, it’s better sorted earlier rather than later. In this session, Rob will highlight the first principles of scaling, examine what can go wrong, and consider the different types of scaling algorithms and their uses. The limitations of ‘daisy chaining’ monitors in a ‘wall’ is explored with ways of addressing those limitations.

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Rob Moodey
Sales Account Manager, Matrox

Rob’s education and training would suggest that he is an engineer. With a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from London’s City University, and 10 years working on high power amplifiers for video and audio signals, like many, he has evolved technically, including earning an additional degree from the UK’s Open University in Information and Communications Technology.

His experience includes show sales and marketing of a number of high-tech systems in the video, cable, satellite, broadcast, and AV industries – encompassing measuring, distribution and display products.

Across his career, Rob has delivered many, very well received, technical sessions, including the UK chapter of SCTE (now the Society for Broadband Professionals). Recently he created and delivered the Matrox ‘Knowledge Network’ training programme in EMEA – endorsed for RU purposes by AVIXA.

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