Date: 5/19/2020


The move to media over IP is well underway. For some years, both audio and increasingly video signals are being transported across Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) infrastructure. Whilst this approach is proven, there are some common themes that recur for AV professionals dealing with an IT department.

Media over IP is rapidly becoming “AV as a service” in the software domain. There are exciting times ahead as the AV world begins to leverage the significant flexibility and price advantages presented by “software” AV and service-based AV. Having a well-defined network underpins the realisation of these advantages. In this session, attendees will explore the two key aspects where AV professionals must explain requirements to IT professionals for maintaining flawless performance of media over IP.

Session highlights:

Kieran Walsh
Kieran Walsh
Director of Application Engineering (EMEA) - Audinate

Kieran has enjoyed a varied career in audio engineering. Currently, his role at Audinate sees him giving support and training to manufacturers of a wide range of AV equipment. Prior to joining Audinate, Kieran was Head of Digital and RF at Britannia Row Productions where he was involved in several special projects integrating equipment from various departments and disciplines to create a functioning system. Kieran attributes his interest in the integration of different disciplines to his background and training as a classical musician and producer/engineer of classical and Jazz recordings, which have been carried as radio programs and incidental music for feature films.

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