Date: 7/20/2020


The most valuable asset in a warehouse is open floorspace. It is needed to prepare orders, scan products, perform quality control functions, and to load and unload trucks. This session will demonstrate how operational "common sense" has things all wrong.

Common sense says:

1. Make order preparation the highest priority task.
2. Prep jobs as early as possible to help reduce the opportunity for mistakes.
3. Optimize the use of your warehouse team by using them for ad hoc deliveries and setup crew.
4. Use warehouse jobs as steppingstones to technical roles.
5. Reject projects with higher than average costs in order to maintain your gross profit percentage.

These tenets have been passed down for decades and are responsible for stifling growth and profits. We replace these worn-out ideas with three simple guiding principles: sell beyond capacity, know your customer, and know your costs. We will explore how adhering to these new concepts helps us design a more scalable warehouse operation.


tom-stimsonTom Stimson
Stimson Group, LLC

  • Tom Stimson MBA, CTS has spent thirty-five years in the AV Industry.  
  • He is an expert on project-based selling and a thought leader for innovative business processes. 
  • As President of Stimson Group LLC, Tom has successfully advised over three hundred companies and organizations on business strategy, process, marketing, and sales. 
  • Tom is a Past-Chairman of AVIXA and served on the Board of Directors. 

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