Date: 5/13/2020


Learn about how you can use experiential engagement to create more impactful installations for your clients using machine-vision based interactivity. We'll cover how you can integrate experiential content into your LED wall, projection, or video wall. Experiential content is not just a video or image, but motion-directed personalized interactive content that the viewer generates. We will further evaluate AI-based analytical tools that measure engagements and break down it down by demographic.
We will cover how this innovative technology applies to your field, whether temporary installations for events and activation's, or permanent installations in hotels/corporate/casinos/nightclubs/retail/etc. Not sure what experiential environments look like? Take a look. 


tammuz dubnovTammuz Dubnov
Founder & CEO

  • Tammuz Dubnov, the founder of Zuzor, has been pioneering innovative experiential-media software for the built environment to create cutting-edge experiences with movement-driven interactivity.
  • He is considered to be one of the youngest thought leaders in the experiential field with multiple patents pending. 
  • Tammuz combines creativity and technology from his degrees in Theoretical Mathematics, Computer Science, and Dance from UC Berkeley and master's in Artificial Intelligence from UC San Diego.

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