Date: 6/11/2020


In this case study, we’ll review the details of how a global software company was able to use management and monitoring of its 2000 room enterprise to measure and make more informed decisions around its real estate and collaboration technology decisions. By gathering usage data and analyzing that data, the company was able to:

• Verify current usage and equipment performance
• Suggest improvements to the design
• Discover more cost-effective ways to deliver a higher grade of service.

The case study will identify financial impact including the following:

• Reduced total cost of ownership
• Reduced operational expenses
• Lower energy consumption costs


jonathanmangnallJonathan Mangnall
Director U-Topia Technologies

  • Jonathan's passion for solving technology and business challenges has helped him build and lead world-class sales and marketing teams that understand and care about the needs and challenges of the customer. 
  • His goal is to help grow and nurture meaningful, mutually beneficial and profitable relationships with clients and strategic partners, with the aim of simplifying the way they interact with the technology around them.

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