Date: 10/19/2020


When it comes down to free, video, webinar or full-scale event – the decision on how to plan simply cannot be made without reviewing the numbers and making educated decisions for your client’s (or business’s) ROI.

Thinking about cost, employee work and the value to your prospects and customers – join these panelists to discuss how to make decisions for what the right event is for you. You’ll be surprised at the outcome!

michael_judehMichael Judeh
Senior Director
AV Technology

  • Michael Judeh is Senior Director of AV Technology at Convene, the nation's fastest growing network of full-service meeting, event, and flexible workspaces. 
  • Michael leads Convene’s efforts to accelerate technology in hospitality and real estate while building a world-class team of hospitality-focused technology experts in AV and IT. 
  • He is responsible for ramping up Convene’s in-house capabilities by securing several major brand partnerships with high-profile tech companies in the industry.

    victoria_neeson Victoria Neeson

  • Victoria Neeson, our CEO and co-owner, is responsible for Dreamtek’s European & North American business. 
  • Victoria has led the development of Dreamtek’s consultancy services, greatly expanding our provision of integrated media solutions.  
  • Vicky believes “The dynamics of today’s business environment has changed, particularly because of women business leaders playing an important role in making the transition away from ‘business as usual’.”

    folami_jenkinsFolami Jenkins
    Digital Event Strategist 
    Curve the Runway

  • Folami Smith Jenkins is an experienced logistics-management professional. 
  • In 2013, she started a full-service catering company, Details Catering, specializing in private events for high profile clients, including Former First Lady Michelle Obama. 
  • Jenkins currently is Digital Event Strategist for Curve the Runway. 
  • She has assisted the organization’s pivot from an in-person event to a virtual platform, including a weekly social media talk show, dashboard hosted events, and a television channel.

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