April 16, 2018 by Kirsten Nelson

Center StageSo. You’re hearing a lot about “personalization” in more and more contexts. Initially you thought it simply meant adding your first name to email blasts sent by people trying to sell you something. BUT now it seems to mean everything from making sure you have a goldfish in your room at a Kimpton Hotel Monaco to feeling like every digital signage display is sending a knowing wink your way. “Hi Kirsten, we are using these dirt bikers to get your attention so you might buy our exclusive new dust mop developed specifically for hardwood floors in Brooklyn.”

It could feel invasive, sure, but it also feels somewhat cozy. Like we don’t have to be assaulted by misguided messages all day. Instead, we can have a meaningful, engaging experience that might even make us smile.

Finding that balance is precisely the wild west terrain that will be explored at an InfoComm 2018 Center Stage session called “Personalization of Digital Signage Content,” slated for 10:00 a.m. PDT on Thursday, June 8. Mark your calendars now, or some beacons and facial recognition technology will do it for you.

David Title
David Title, Chief Engagement Officer,
Bravo Media

Delivering this dialogue on how to stay away from the creepy and head toward the friendly side of personalization, will be Manolo Almagro, Managing Partner of QDivision, and David Title, Chief Engagement Officer with Bravo Media. They will bring their techno savvy and fine-tuned understanding of advertising media psychology to discuss the complicated art of translating analytics information into a genuinely fun experience for the person being analyzed.

I enjoyed a preview of this discussion last week when I visited the Bravo Media studio for a meeting with Title and Almagro. After they jumped right into an animated dissection of successes and failures in the personalization game, Title pitched his angle for the Center Stage session: “Data vs. Delight.” Basically, he and Almagro realized together, you can have all the data in the world, but if the experience isn't fun and engaging, it doesn't matter.

Manolo Almagro
Manolo Almagro, Managing Partner, QDivision

“The thing we keep hearing is, ‘We have all this data. I can track where everyone’s walking, I know what face they’re making, I know how long they’re standing there, so I can sell more stuff.’ But that’s not true,” Title said. “The obsession has swung so far to data and away from the underlying need to create delightful experience.”

So what makes delight? Almagro and Title have a long list of suggestions for you. And the data that comes on the back end of engaging consumers is equally valuable to your clients, if you can track it for them with the right technology.

Then the next step is building the interactive and immersive systems that produce delight. That will be part of the Center Stage discussion as well—what displays and sensors do we really need to make these delightfully personalized experiences deliver? How can we make the technology buyer feel like there is ROI in our technology?

Then we have to help them with the next part of the question, Almagro noted. Now the retail experience is like going to a movie, a theme park, or a game—we’re getting off our couch to experience something different. Which means, Almagro said, “we have to ask why did they go there in the first place. We need to understand the path to the store.”

That’s an entirely other level of data. Clearly an understanding of the motivations and goals for the retail experience is going to be what drives the adoption of new digital signage technologies. So come to this Center Stage session and learn about the latest deployments of the best analytics tools out there. Then find out how to make them more personally delightful.

“Personalization of Digital Signage Content,” a dialogue between Manolo Almagro, Managing Partner of QDivision, and David Title, Chief Experience Officer for Bravo Media, is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. PDT on Thursday, June 8 at InfoComm 2018 Center Stage. Sessions are free to attend, and seats fill up fast.

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