May 7, 2020 by Kirsten Nelson

Podcast: What’s Next for the Built Environment?

Introducing TIDE® Generator from AVIXA®, a biweekly series of conversations on the built environment hosted by Kirsten Nelson.  

Experience design is undergoing an active reframing as humans select their favorite forms of virtual connection during this pandemic. In a sense, there is a rapid prototyping occurring, as various platforms evolve to support the social functions we’ve lost in the real world. What elements of virtual interactions will we see pulled through into the built environment as we re-enter the world with new standards for health and safety? 

TIDE Generator host and AVIXA Content Producer Kirsten Nelson explores these ideas with David Bianciardi, Founder and President of AV&C and Gideon D’Arcangelo, leader of the Experience Design group at Arup. As acknowledged creative powerhouses and originators of what we call “media architecture” today, Bianciardi and D’Arcangelo weave a variety of technological and human factors into their ideas about what we should build next. 

Their glimpses of the future include a whole palette of environmental controls and atmospheric elements that AV designers might help to integrate into the built environment. Communication systems will move into even further prominence as users of spaces seek reassurance about safety and cleanliness. How can we harness a building’s systems to help provide these cues for social comfort? 

As the built environment evolves into a new hybrid of virtual and in-person experiences, many other changes will affect the way AV technology is implemented. Potentially, remote participants will not only be isolated as separate on video screens, as before the pandemic, but present in other ways in spaces. How might haptics and other sensory tools help to create connectedness in the new built environment?

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