June 12, 2019 by Zoe Mutter

InfoComm 2019: Highlights from TIDE Conference

This article was originally published by AV Magazine.

We can’t think of a better way to start our InfoComm experience than hearing some of the industry’s finest share their creative and technological achievements and techniques.

The session from Trey Courtney, SVP and global chief product officer, Mood Media, focused on how to create immersive experiences in retail through customisation, brand immersion, community and convenience. “When you change the mood in store, you change the outcome,” he said.

Mood Media had asked more than 10,000 consumers around the world what they most enjoy about the in-store shopping experience. According to the statistics, which were revealed to the TIDE audience, shoppers stay in store longer if they enjoy visuals, music and scent. Video content is king; 58% of shoppers say it has a positive influence on the experience; 85% say music is a number one factor for them staying longer in store; and 81% have been positively impacted by scents in store.

“When the design is done correctly people look at the design rather than the technology,” he said.

Kresa also drew attention to the importance of audio in projection design and the fact half of the calls he receives now are for permanent installations. “People want permanent experiences and live events. AR can also introduce a new layer of information to projection.”

In an inspiring presentation from iLuminate’s Miral Kotb, the talented dancer and software engineer shared her experiences of combining wearable tech, creativity and dance to create impressive light suits that make an impact at events.

“To create a successful creative environment you must build your mission statement; cultivate the right team; trust your team and let them fly,” she said.

A fascinating project share session followed which saw MASARY Studios’ Ryan Edwards share interactive and performance-based work; Wildbytes’ Julio Obelleiro discuss designing disruptive experiences; and Britelite Immersive’s Patrice Speed focus on content-driven experiences.

“To have an emotional reaction produces a memory,” said Obellerio. He believes making the audience participate through open-ended stories is key because it creates curiosity.

“Move from user-centred design to emotion-centred design,” he added.

Timing is everything when creating interactive experiences, according to Britelite’s Speed: “When the timing is right people focus on the expertise, not the technology.”

We ended the day with a fantastic breakout session at on the science and creativity of surface haptics with a panel comprising David Anderson, president and CEO, Mimo Monitors; Ed Colgate, co-founder, Tanvas; Tosh Chiang from the California Academy of Sciences; and Gilad Kat from Mediacom Israel. Thanks to the developments made by Mimo and Tanvas Labs it is possible to feel different textures on touch screen surfaces which is being explored in a variety of exhibits and interactive experiences and marketing campaigns such as Mediacom’s Babyface campaign for Gilette which allows users to feel hair on screen. We experienced it for ourselves in the demo and you can too at Booth #542.

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