January 15, 2019 by Margot Douaihy

Immersion in Action

The beep of an email hitting the inbox, the ping of a text message, a pop-up ad—there is no shortage of stimuli vying for our attention. But to be fully present and to immerse in an activity, place, or moment has transformative potential. Immersion has been proven to help us learn new languages more quickly, add context to concepts, and ignite curiosity. Multisensory engagement can help encode experiences even deeper in the memory banks. That’s why artists, designers, facility owners, and even the mayors of storied cities are turning to AV technologies to engage visitors, spark conversations, and encourage a reinvestment in place. Join the change-makers, experience designers, and artists of immersion at TIDE 2019 in Orlando.

Tour TIDE’s Inspired Gallery for vivid examples of immersion in action.


About Margot Douaihy

Margot Douaihy is the editor at large of AV Technology magazine. She teaches at Franklin Pierce University.