March 15, 2019 by Margot Douaihy

3 Ways to Apply User-Centered Design to AV/IT Design Processes

Elevating a user from “a beginner” to “a master” in the shortest amount of time is Nova Wehman-Brown’s passion. “It’s something I devote time and energy to wherever I’ve worked,” she said. With two decades in UX and more than 10 years in enterprise, Wehman-Brown is the Senior Manager of UX Research and Strategy at Accela, a leading CivicTech enterprise company. Her experience spans organizations of all sizes and industries ranging from the small design studios to large household names like Wells Fargo,, and Blue Shield of California.

In this infographic, Wehman-Brown taps her vast UX and design expertise to suggests three steps AV/IT professionals can take to incrementally improve design processes by centering the needs of users, improving relationships with them along the way.


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Margot Douaihy is the editor at large of AV Technology magazine. She teaches at Franklin Pierce University.