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AV Design 2: Infrastructure - Virtual Classroom January

This six-day, instructor-led virtual course will explore how a building's physical structure can dramatically affect AV design.


SPL And Weighting Curves | Learn with AVIXA

Join AVIXA's Instructional Lead Chuck Espinoza as he gives you the low down on how/why you should use weighting curves when taking a sound pressure level measurement. Want to learn more? AVIXA's got you! Discover our catalog of AV courses at:


A Look at the 2021 AV Experience Award Winners

Introducing the winners of the 2021 AV Experience Awards! The global AV Experience Award program recognizes the innovative integration of content, space, and technology to create or enhance an experience. The program seeks to find excellence where the enhanced in-real-life experience or almost-real-life experience could only be achieved through the integrated and innovative use of audiovisual technology. “We are witnesses to incredible AV experiences every day, as we work, play, and interact in the world,” said Joé Lloyd, Senior Director of Communications, AVIXA. “The winners of the AV Experience Awards are the creators of those experiences, breathing new life into art, education, collaboration, and so much more. Congratulations to the 2021 winners for elevating the craft of AV.” Read more about the winners at

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Facilities Management and The Audiovisual Environment: Tackling the Common Challenges

In this exciting, collaborative webinar between AVIXA and IFMA EMEA we’ve explored the similarities and differences between our two industries and looked at how we each tackle common challenges. Meet experts in education, construction, facilities management, and AV & ICT consulting, and take a closer look at the issues and discuss different solutions.

Case Study

LG & Peerless-AV Installed Largest Hospitality dvLED Display in Canada

Having previously worked on many dvLED projects with LG Electronics Canada, Inc. (LG Canada), NovMega knew LG Canada would be the perfect collaborator.

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Perché il networking è fondamentale per l'Audiovideo - 17 nov 21

In questo webinar parleremo di come le tecnologie di rete siano diventate, nel corso del tempo, l’ecosistema necessario affinché i sistemi audiovideo possano funzionare. Parleremo di switch di rete e di come sia fondamentale segmentare le sottoreti professionali. Simuleremo poi alcuni scenari dove, senza un’adeguata conoscenza e una scelta ottimale dei prodotti, si può incappare in problemi operativi. Abbracceremo infine temi tecnologici dell’integrazione di sistemi migliorativi come il mondo dell’AV over IP, della virtualizzazione, dell’SD-WAN, delle VPN mesh, del WiFi 6 e WiFi mesh.


Inside Look: 4K Projection Technology: Building Immersive Experiences at AREA15 Las Vegas

AREA15 partnered with Panasonic to create a state-of-the-art and impactful 4K experiences for unparalleled and exceptional life-life realism.


AVIXA Announces Winners of the 2021 AV Experience Awards

AVIXA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 AV Experience Awards. This awards program recognizes the innovative integration of content, space, and audiovisual technology to enrich experiences.

Upcoming Events
Hardware y Software en UC

Audioconferencia, videoconferencia y UC, son soluciones que se desarrollaron en la frontera AV y TI.

Networking Technology Virtual Classroom December

You will learn the basics of networking from an AV perspective, while gaining the tools you need to have a meaningful conversation with your IT peers.

How Wovenmedia & Sharp/NEC Revolutionized Floor-projected Video at Big-box Retail

Learn how strategically placed ceiling-mounted laser projectors controlled by an industry-leading Content Management System, have turned unused floor space into a dynamic, powerful, new promotional platform, with monetization opportunities for every big-box retailer.