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How you can stand out and land your dream job in the AV Industry - AVIXA Women's Council UK Webinar

Webinar AVIXA Women’s Council UK with AV Recruitment Specialist Denise O’Keeffe


June Ko Joins InfoCommAsia Pte Ltd. as New Executive Director

AVIXA and Pico Group, the co-owners of InfoCommAsia Pte Ltd. (IAPL), are pleased to announce that June Ko will become the new Executive Director of IAPL, taking over from Richard Tan, who will retire at the end of July.


FCC Seeks to Enforce Accessibility Requirements for Conferencing Platforms

By Joey Davis

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel will also re-charter the Communications Equity and Diversity Council


The Road to InfoComm | Part 3: Racing Towards the Finish


In the 3rd episode of Road to InfoComm, Sam and Dorian chat about the final moments before the team head over to InfoComm. Joining this episode is AVIXA's Dan Cole and Ameria's Johannes Troger to chat about the happenings on the show flour.


InfoComm Asia 2023 Closes on a High

The three-day InfoComm Asia 2023 came to a close on 26 May, marking another successful showing for the annual event. This year’s 38% larger InfoComm Asia – featuring 160 exhibiting companies from 18 countries, some 60 of whom are new at the Show – attracted 7,298 unique business visitors from all over Asia.


InfoComm 2023 Will Put the Spotlight on Emerging Technologies in the Pro AV Industry

InfoComm 2023 will put the spotlight on emerging technologies, from augmented and virtual reality to AI, to virtual production. Leading experts will dive into these topics in the vast education program and solution providers will showcase the technology in action on the trade show floor June 10-16 (exhibits 14-16) at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.


Enterprise IT Power Hour: Compression Technology

Explore the pros and cons of common compression technologies, including JPEG200, H.265, and 10G network solutions.

For Premium Members Only

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Planning your next steps


Are you struggling to answer the question, where do you see yourself in 5 years? We invite AV professionals seeking to explore how to define the next steps in their career path to this interactive panel.


CTS-D prep in London

3 day CTS-D prep classroom course with trainer Nelson Baumgratz


"A Party for the Body and the Brain" - Sónar Festival


Sónar Festival isn't just a concert. It's a global gathering of creatives who want to leverage technology - including AV - to change the world. Learn more about one of Europe's biggest events as we sit down with the team at Sónar to hear about how they pull it all off.


The Road to InfoComm | Part 2: A Kingdom of Magical Immersion


On part 2 of The Road to InfoComm, cutting-edge installations and eSports take the stage as Sam and Dorian discuss the immersive features that will be a part of the Orlando experience. Featuring Jamie Reilly of Moment Factory, Brad Sousa of AVI Systems, and Rich Ventura of Sony.


Microsoft and Cisco Come Together to Talk Advancing the Hybrid Workplace at InfoComm 2023

Microsoft and Cisco will join InfoComm 2023 to discuss advancing the hybrid workplace through the latest collaboration technology. This session adds to the wide-ranging program focused on conferencing and collaboration at InfoComm, which includes more than 40 education sessions, leading solution providers across the trade show floor featuring expert-led tours, and much more.


Cables, Coffee & Curveballs - Mental Health Awareness Month Special


May is mental health awareness month. Brian and Jolina Halloran from the BTH foundation stop by to talk about the stigma that is mental health and all things BTH organization is doing to raise awareness. The BTH Mission - Our mission is suicide prevention. We build resilience and reduce the risk of suicide through education, advocacy and raised awareness about depression and other mental health challenges. Our program is focused on teaching Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which is evidence-based training for emotional regulation. DBT uses mindfulness strategies to manage emotions, increasing a persons tolerance to negative emotions.


Know Before You Go - InfoComm 2023


Join Alesia Hendley for her top 5 tips to "know before you go" to InfoComm 2023 in Orlando!


Out of Time – Examining Digital Clock in Modern A/V Systems

Examine what digital clock is, how it functions in digital audio systems, and what you need to know.


Artificial Intelligence: A Legal and Ethical Storm is Coming

By Joey Davis

The US Senate is now weighing in. What does this mean for AV?


How UI and UX Factor into the Digitization of AV


In thist episode, host Ben Thomas and his guest, Joe Wylezik from Vincit, dive deep into the impact of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design on the digital transformation of A) technology. Wylezik, with his extensive experience in design, offers fascinating insights into the core principles of effective UI and UX. He discusses how these design aspects greatly influence the user's interaction with digital AV technologies, and their subsequent acceptance of these platforms. The conversation pivots around the need for seamless integration of AV technologies in our daily lives, emphasizing the importance of intuitive and user-friendly designs that cater to diverse users' needs and preferences. The duo discusses real-world examples to illustrate how poor UI/UX can hinder the user's interaction with the technology, slowing down the digitization process. Thomas and Wylezik also highlight how crucial understanding the end-user's perspective is to create meaningful and effective AV solutions. They stress the importance of user feedback and continuous improvement in creating products that are not just technologically advanced but also user-centric. Finally, they discuss emerging trends in the digital AV space and the future role of UI and UX in shaping these innovations. Overall, this podcast provides an insightful overview of the digitization of AV and the pivotal role of UI and UX in this transformation.


Ep. 3: Celena Rae's Sprint For Stars Fans


Celena Rae has two roles at Dallas Stars games - singing the National Anthem and hosting breaks in the action. During the first intermission she has 90 seconds to run from ice, up to the plaza level for her next hit.

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