IT Considerations for Today's AV Solutions: Key Takeaways

By Lauren Moore
Manager, Live Content US/Canada

During our recent Conferencing & Collaboration Power Hour webinar, our panel discussed the bridge between AV and IT with moderator Peter Coman of PTS Consulting. We were joined by Stacey Capps of Electrosonic, Joe Dunbar of Starin, Robert La Frentz of BlueJeans, and Irwin Lazar of Metrigy.  Here were some key takeaways from the conversation:

  • AV professionals should consider the job roles that account within the company. Do those roles fit with the current working environment? There are more AV peripherals now due to remote work. Can IT handle that technology, or should there be a dedicated AV professional to manage that technology?
  •  AV and IT leaders can work together to support new video use cases. It is imperative that all team members can have a seat at the table during design to ensure all sides are represented from the onset of the project.
  • Continuity is an issue with the return to office. Work from home AV systems are not syncing with existing in-office technologies. The user experience is requiring both AV and IT pros come together to find solutions to make the experience more seamless. 

View the playback here.

Conferencing & Collaboration: The State of the Industry

Conferencing and collaboration is the single largest solution area for pro AV and the one that weathered the pandemic storm the best thanks to global emphasis on solutions to support remote activities. It represents $46 billion in pro av spending in 2022 after maintaining growth over the past two years while almost all other solutions declined. AVIXA expects slow and steady growth over the next 5 years as companies continue to add to and improve upon their collaboration infrastructure. 

Read more about the trends driving growth and segment down to key areas of the market using our IOTA dashboard.



Lauren Moore
Avixa, Manager, Live Content US/Canada

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