Adding Audiovisual Technologies to Your Architectural Toolkit

Gensler, Cadillac HouseThe tools available to architects have never been more varied or sophisticated. The constantly innovating world of audiovisual technologies offers architects new tools for creating immersive spaces and achieving their clients’ goals. Steven Upchurch, Managing Director at architecture firm Gensler, and Joel Krieger, Chief Creative Officer at experience design firm Second Story, recently shared their insights with Allison Tardif of AVIXA on what these technologies can do for architects and gave their advice on how to use AV to create spaces that resonate emotionally and also achieve business objectives. 

Designers and architects may worry that too many flashy tech solutions could distract rather than complement the other architectural elements in a space. To illustrate, Upchurch points to Gensler’s project, the Cadillac Experience Center in Shanghai, as an example of AV elements that complement a space.  The designers used mirrors and glass to reflect the AV elements that created an integrated look and feel.

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