Beijing InfoComm China 2021 Concludes on an Upbeat Note

The Diversity of Emerging Technologies and the Debut of GoVIRTUAL Mark A Major Step in Transitioning to the Next Phase of Development For the Pro AV Industry 

23 July 2021, Beijing – After a vibrant run from 21-23 July, Beijing InfoComm China 2021 concludes yet another successful event at the China National Convention Centre (CNCC) – with the added edge of leading the change in tradeshow experience with the show’s proprietary GoVIRTUAL platform, which extended the exhibitors’ market reach while  ensuring the business community who are unable to attend the show in person did not miss out. 

Show Floor Interactions 
The Professional AudioVisual (Pro‐AV) and Integrated Experience technology showcase continues to attract diverse visitors, ranging from Pro‐AV industry players to entrepreneurs,  business decision‐makers, technical influencers, and researchers. The 37,189 unique visitors explored the entire CNCC venue which hosted some 400 exhibitors. 

MAXHUB has been exhibiting at the show for many years. Its Marketing Director, Shi Feng said, “The show brings together upstream and downstream suppliers in the entire industry.  It is an ideal platform for learning and information exchange. Topics such as changes in the entire value chain of this industry could be discussed here to give businesses like ours ideas and inspirations in relation to future trends, business development, and product development. On the other hand, we are able to meet many systems integrators, engineers,  distributors, and users. This helps to promote our business and meet our expectation in terms of business opportunities." 

First‐time exhibitor DingTalk Meeting shared that their participation at the show has helped them meet potential customers who were eager to learn about their products, thereby enhancing their business. They were impressed by the line‐up of well‐known exhibitors and how visitors to the show were those they have wanted to meet. 

Living up to its reputation as Asia Pacific’s premier show of its kind, names on the show include many industry heavyweights such as Sony, Christie, Barco, Panasonic, EZ Pro, as well as  technology giants like Tencent and DingTalk Meeting, Huawei, and Intel. Also present were many promising domestic brands providing niche and integrated solutions, catering to diverse business needs and cementing the show as the marketplace with the widest range of Pro‐AV and Integrated Experience offerings. Visitors came up close and personal with game‐changing products and solutions in the arena of conferencing, command and control centres,  projection, digital signages, and more that are driving the future of business, work and lifestyle. 

“This is my third or fourth time visiting Beijing InfoComm China. This year, the scale of the show as well as exhibitors and technologies on display were relatively greater than last year. I found a comprehensive range of conferencing system solutions that I had wanted to see, " said Sunny Yang, General Manager of Shenyang Starlinks Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Insights and Inspiration Abound at the Dual Summits 
Running in tandem with the exhibition were the Beijing InfoComm China Summit 2021 and NIXT (Next Integrated Experience Technology) Summit 2021. Both summits attracted 5,644  delegates from diverse industries, including advanced manufacturing, banking, financial services and insurance, retail, logistics and supply chain, transportation, education, and others, who benefited from the depth and breadth of knowledge and information shared by business solution experts and industry leaders. 

Beijing InfoComm China Summit 2021 featured 46 learning sessions grouped into three tracks with different focus. The AV Managers Track covered application of technology on business strategies and operations; the InfoCommAsia Technical Seminar Track covered technical aspects of the industry; and the all‐new TECHTALK Track delved into technology‐ driven changes in the market and business landscape. 

Into its third edition, NIXT Summit brought the emerging technology community together with the AV community to spark conversations and encourage collaborations. This year, it featured 25 cross‐discipline knowledge‐sharing sessions. These highlighted Pro‐AV projects  in diverse industries that deploy emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), data, cloud, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR), and more. By expounding the challenges and opportunities of such projects, NIXT Summit is the cradle of end‐to‐end smarter and more sophisticated solutions. The NIXT Summit was attended by 2,709 delegates. 

Steven Zhong, Consulting Partner of PwC China, served as summit speaker for the first time. He said, “From the perspective of overall scale and influence, the show and its summits were a resounding success. Many exhibitors were eager to show their latest and newest solutions. Given the high demand for digitalization among enterprises, Beijing InfoComm China definitely presented a huge array of latest cutting‐edge products to the market, and helped solution seekers find suitable solutions for their businesses." 

Borderless Exhibition Experience with GoVIRTUAL  Running for three days alongside the in‐person Show, InfoComm China 2021 GoVIRTUAL featured 65 product showcases  and 12 webinars. Additionally, 11 sessions from the NIXT Summit was live‐streamed via GoVIRTUAL, bringing online delegates over 20 insightful  learning opportunities. 

The AI‐powered GoVIRTUAL performs intelligent and intuitive business‐matching; and supports real‐time live‐streaming of product demos, complete with integrated video, audio and chat functions that facilitate two‐way communications between presenters and audience from anywhere in the world. Stakeholders unable to visit or limited by time were thus still able to reap benefits from Beijing InfoComm China 2021. 

“I am heartened to note that the relevance and strength of Beijing InfoComm China is exemplified by the vibrant vibes and brisk engagements on the show floor and lively discussions in the various seminar rooms,” said Richard Tan, Executive Director of InfoComm  Asia. “Key factors contributing to the resilience of the show are our constant innovation and ability to leverage technology to remain in lockstep with changes in the industry landscape.” 

Mark Your Calendar for Beijing InfoComm China 2022  The next edition of Beijing InfoComm China is slated for 13 ‐ 15 July 2022 at China National  Convention Centre. More information will be available in due course at www.infocomm‐ or the show’s official WeChat account.  

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