Principle One—the audiovisual and IT services supplier that has served clients from MasterCard to Burberry—has received the AVIXA AV Provider of Excellence (APEx) designation.

APEx is AVIXA’s seal of approval for companies that set high standards for employee training and certification and meet their clients’ needs by delivering exceptional solutions.

Since Principle One was founded in Hong Kong in 2003, it has grown into a multi-disciplinary audiovisual services and IT company that has implemented systems across more than 30 locations in Asia. These clients include many in the corporate sector such as Bank of China, MasterCard, KPMG, and Unilever as well as luxury retail spaces such as Burberry and DFS T Galleria. With a strong focus on high-end projects in which quality and service are essential, Principle One says its key competitive differentiator is in how it has built a strong knowledgeable workforce with an emphasis on continuous training and certification. To date, nine professionals on the Principle One team have received the AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS) accreditations.

“For our clients, we want to be the one company they can rely on to get consistently high quality audiovisual systems designed, implemented and operated across the Asia region,” says James Oliver, Chairman & CEO of Principle One. “For current and future employees, we want to be the place where they can develop their professional skills, deliver work that they are proud of and where they can enjoy a long and rewarding career.”

According to Krick Lau, CTS, Principle One Business Unit Head & Executive Director, Audiovisual Projects, the focus on training has allowed Principle One to participate in more and more tenders for audiovisual projects that require CTS certifications.

“In the audiovisual industry, we do not have many independent certifications that demonstrate a commitment to quality. AVIXA is the only reputable organisation to champion audiovisual design and integration standards and to govern audiovisual vendors quality. With the ever-increasing importance of audiovisual technology, we believe that APEx designation will become a prerequisite for most audiovisual project tenders.”

More than 60 audiovisual providers worldwide have received the APEx designation for their efforts to champion industry quality. In March this year, the APEx Advocate programme was established to recognize AV manufacturers that are dedicated to supporting APEx system integrators.

About Principle One

Principle One designs, implements and operates information technology and audiovisual systems for its clients throughout Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Singapore and Tokyo, Principle One delivers projects and service in over ten countries across Asia. A wide range of clients from around the world depend on Principle One, demanding a consistently high standard of project and service delivery, often in multiple countries. From its very founding Principle One was designed to thrive on the convergence of computing, networks, telecommunications and audiovisual technologies. Principle One has been building and training its team of smart committed individuals to design, implement and run systems in the converged world of IT and AV since its inception in 2003. Principle One’s multi-lingual, multi-cultural approach makes them the partner of choice for many international companies.

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