AVIXA has decided to form several regional advisory groups. The purpose of the groups is to nurture leadership, develop and increase resources and deepen the awareness of AVIXA programs and benefits among member companies. By leveraging local knowledge and input, AVIXA’s programs and initiatives are more likely to be successful in its endeavor to develop expanded valuable resources in the regional marketplace. The program provides local AVIXA members a level of program ownership that hasn’t previously existed.

Each advisory group has been given the opportunity to develop an outcome based project with a single goal. Keep up with these programs in future newsletters and on avixa.org.

Upcoming Events

Design Bootcamp, UK
20 March, 2018-25 May, 2018


Audio Video Control per il Museo 4.0
21 March, 2018


Pro-AV Opportunities in Office Environments
27 March, 2018

RU Available