Hello! If you have a Bronze, Silver or Gold AVIXA membership, you are in the right place.

With the new member structure (and benefits!), you might be wondering what you need to do. We have you covered.

First, know that everyone in your organization still has the same level of benefits as they did in 2017, plus some more. Now called Premium-level benefits, here are some highlights:

  • Free access to introductory AV training – Quick Start to the AV Industry, Essentials of AV Technology, the AV Technologist Test and CTS Prep Online
  • Free downloads of AVIXA standards
  • See the full list here 

For your team, the process to get started should be simple. When they login at avixa.org for the first time in 2018, they’ll just need to complete their member profile.

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Every organization member also gets to choose a certain number of Elite individual members. Most often these are CTS holders-in-training or CTS holders who need to earn RUs. One of the most exciting benefits of Elite membership is access to almost all online training – all included!

To choose your Elite members, log in to your AVIXA account and click on the “Elite” tab. If you do not see that tab, you are not the primary contact for your company’s membership. We can help you find out who is your primary contact

Here is some more help to learn how to choose your Elite members.

How to add Elite members

We’re here to help! Contact us with any questions you have.  

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