The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA™) is exploring the possibility of offering an Association Health Plan to its enterprise members and is asking Mercer, a world leader in health and benefits services specializing in association health plans, to assist us.

Whether you are a small business or a large organization, this offering could lead to an opportunity for AVIXA members to purchase healthcare and related benefits for your employees in the United States at reduced costs.


Join us for an informational webinar, where our partners at Mercer will explain how Association Health Plans work, why you might consider one for your organization and the next steps and timeline if you interested in pursing this possibility.

Association Health Plans Explained
Thursday, November 15
1:00 pm (New York)


The first step is to find out if there is enough interest in the AV and AVIXA community.

Please complete the survey below by Friday, November 30.

You will be asked to share the following information on each of your employees:

  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • ZIP code
  • Salary
  • Current insurance premium
  • Full-time/Part-time status
  • Additional family members enrolled

By providing this data, you are not obligated to participate. To ensure confidentiality and anonymity, Mercer will use aggregated survey results to get more accurate estimates from insurance carriers.

NOTE: You'll need to enter the codes below into the fields for "Franchise/Association Membership Number" and "Franchise/Association Number." You can repeat the same number in both fields. You can disregard the language in the survey that says the code was sent in an email and use the codes below.

Survey for members

Association ID: AVI190001

Survey for non-members

Association ID: AVI190002

After we close the submissions and evaluate the options, we will update you on the next steps.

Questions? Call AVIXA at +1.703.273.7200, or email Mercer.

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